Highest deity of the various Planes, Adon occupies a kingly position in the upper plane of Adonar with the other gods. He has one daughter named Elwydd, and is credited with shaping the Middle and Upper planes.

He tends to be a rather reclusive god who wants to let the various Free Peoples do as they wish even if it leads to more trouble. However, he is not averse to interfering when other divinities cause trouble. When Gyphon tried to conquer Mithgar and then Adonar, Adon intervened and severed the ways between planes. He also created the Ban, which would cause sunlight to kill any Foul Folk who attempted to venture out during the day.

Adon didn’t really do much after that for several books, until the Traveller of the Planes Bair arrived on Adonar and argued that if everyone is left to their own devices, then they should be able to travel between planes without the interference of bloodways. Adon conceded that Bair was correct in this matter, reopened the paths between planes, and vanished from Adonar. His later location is unknown.

Adon is reminiscent of the god Wotan in function, and his name is reminiscent of the Christian word "Adonai." However it is made clear that Adon is not an all-powerful deity, and that he works under the governance of higher powers.