A Dylvana Elf who participated in the quest for the Green Stone of Xian, aka the Dragonstone.

Powers Edit

Arin is one of only two known Elves who have the ability to <see> visions of the future and past. While Rael uses a crystal as her focus, Arin's powers rely on staring into fire, which is considered wild magic. She has no control over the visions she has or when they come, and she has no ability to know when they will happen.

The Search for the Green Stone Edit

Arin experienced a horrifying vision in the First Era, which seemed to indicate a war of apocalyptic proportions, which also involved attacks by dragons. She also saw a massive green stone that the vision revolved around. Seeking information about what might be about to happen, Arin sought counsel by the corons, Dalavar, and eventually the mages of Xian's Black Mountain.

There she learned that the green stone was actually the Dragonstone, which holds some mysterious power over dragons. The mages also helped her uncover a prophetic riddle that she had locked in her mind, which indicated that she needed certain companions or objects to help her in her quest. One of those was Aiko, a Ryodoan warrior; she also had to find a one-eyed individual, and ended up with both the handsome raider Egil One-Eye and the drunken beggar Alos. As their quest went on, they also befriended a young cleric cursed by a monster, a thief, and a mad queen's lover. They encountered an evil mage Ordrune and ran afoul of a treacherous dragon before getting the Dragonstone. They gave the Stone to the mages on Rwn, and went their own ways.

During their quest, Arin and Egil had fallen in love, and he adopted her more peaceful ways instead of his violent raider past. She mourned him when he eventually died.

Trivia Edit

  • She has chestnut hair and hazel eyes.
  • As a Dylvana, Arin is only about four and a half feet tall.