Also known as "Dwarves" in the Common tongue and "Drimmen" in the Elven language, they are the master crafters and miners of Mithgar.

Culture Edit

They tend to live in underground cities, often carved out of mountains. This makes it extremely difficult for their enemies to invade them, though it is certainly possible (as evidenced by the Gargon in Kraggen-Cor).

They are particularly adept at armor and weapons, but are also capable of creating almost any structure or item for those who request it. For instance they were involved in the creation of the gates of Black Mountain, and the building of the Eroean.

They are devoted to the goddess Elwydd, due to her creation of the Free Folk, and sing special songs in her honor.

They are periodically led by a dwarf known as Deathbreaker Durek, whom they believe founded their civilizations. Believing in reincarnation, they think that Durek is reborn every so often.

Biology Edit

The Chakka are the only species native to Mithgar with a striking sexual dimorphism comparable to the dragons, since the Chakia (females) do not even seem to be of the same species as the males. The Chakia are kept veiled so that no one can see them, and their true nature is a secret that is carefully guarded, and only given to those who can keep it. The only children seen are males, suggesting that the Chakia may be immortal.

They have the ability to retrace their steps, even blindfolded. Sadly, this does not extend to map-reading or places at sea.

Chakkaholts Edit

There are eight underground Chakka citadels in Mithgar:

Blackstone, in the Rigga Mountains between Rian and Gron

Bluehall, in the Blue Mountains on the North Isle of Gelen

Kachar, in the Grimwall Mountains between Jord and Aven

Kraggen-Cor, in the Grimwall Mountains

Mineholt North, in Riamon

Quartzen Caves, in the Quartzen Hills in Riamon

Redholt, in the Red Hills between Valon and Jugo

Skyholt, in the Sky Mountains between Basq and Gothon