The summer home of the High King of Mithgar, and the city closest to Gron. Originally it was a mountain known as Mont Challerain, which contained a signal fire and eventually a small outpost and a village. Eventually an unknown prior High King established his summer court in Challerain Keep, so he could watch the pass to Gron. Eventually a castle was built, and a city grew around it. The exact date of this is unknown, but it was some thousands of years before the events of the Winter War.

During the War of the Ban, Challerain Keep was conquered.

By the time of the Winter War, it had grown into a very large city, with a tiered structure and a castle at its peak. There were many, many homes and shops down below.

During the War, it became an important strategic location for King Aurion. Most of the non-military citizens were evacuated from the city, since it was obvious that Modru was planning to attack it. The superior numbers of the Foul Folk meant that eventually Challerain Keep fell for the second time. It was overrun and conquered, and most of the remaining inhabitants were brutally slaughtered. Later the city was reclaimed by High King Galen.

Trivia Edit

  • Challerain Keep strongly resembles the city of Minas Tirith from The Lord of the Rings.
  • It is in the country of Rian.
  • It is a few days' journey from the borders of the Boskydells. Despite this, few of its residents have ever seen Warrows.
  • It is unknown why it was established as a summer court rather than a winter one, as Modru was unlikely to cause mischief during the summer.