Hybrid characters are rare in Mithgar, but one of the exceptions is the friendly, mysterious man known as Dalavar Wolfmage. This character is one of several who appears sporadically through the series, but his origins are not revealed until the end.


Dalavar Wolfmage has a nastier history than his genial attitude would indicate, particularly since it is revealed that he is of Foul Folk origins. His mother was a seer Mage who was brutally raped by a Fiend and left for dead. She did not die, but the rape left her pregnant with a pair of part-demon children and hopelessly insane.

The Elves took care of both children both before and after their mother's death; both children also bonded with the silver Draega, at which point their shapeshifting abilities manifested. Throughout his life Dalavar shows a predilection for Draega, as well as the ability to communicate with them and change into one of them.

The twins went their separate ways, and Dalavar spent many years in the woods with his beloved Draega while his sister became involved with the Baeron and married one of them. He usually didn’t get involved in other people’s problems, but he did help occasionally: handing over tokens of power, giving advice, and even winning a battle by luring Spawn into a swamp.

When his sister and her Baeron husband were killed, Dalavar tracked down her son Urus, who had inherited the shapeshifting abilities of his mother, but had been bonded to a she-bear that had rescued him from death. He brought the baby to his Baeron relatives, and kept at a distance throughout Urus' life.

However, Dalavar felt the need to intrude after Urus and his trothmate Riatha gave birth to a part human, part-demon, part-Spawn, part-Mage and part-Elf child whom they named Bair. He explained his shared background with his nephew Urus, and advised them on how to imprint Bair.


Like all Mages, Dalavar looks halfway between an elf and a human being, with slightly pointed ears and slightly tilted eyes. However, his hair is extremely long and silver, and he always wears grey leather and travels with a retinue of Draega wolves. There is no outward indication of his Foul Folk Ancestry, but he is capable of working massive castings without any visible aging, as most Mages have.

While most Mages are usually close to others of their kind, Dalavar is more asocial towards Mages, Elves and Humans. He lives alone in the forest except for the Draega, and occasionally ventures out for whatever reason. He has no love interest.