A race from Adonar who are common in certain Realms of Mithgar, and known for their grace, immortality and wisdom.

Culture Edit

The Elves of Mithgar are split into two distinct groups, the Dylvana and the Lian. There is little to differentiate these groups, except that the Dylvana tend to be more reclusive; it is unknown whether this divide reflects similar cultures on Adonar.

Neither group closely interacts with Humans or Chakka most of the time, but sometimes will assist one another in times of trouble, or when a service is needed.

Elven culture tends to be very different from human, Chakka or Warrow culture, because it reflects their immortality. For instance, corons are not selected for their lifetime, but take up the responsibilities for however long they wish. Elven pledges (similar to marriage) are not for life, but for however long the couple wish to remain together. Elves do not take up a permanent profession, instead often trying different ways of living according to what interests them.

They participate in a form of celebratory dance during the equinoxes and the solstices.

Biology Edit

Elves are similar to humans in many ways, but they have certain gifts like superior eyesight and hearing, stealth, and the ability to know where they are in relation to the stars. They have slanted eyes and pointed ears, which makes them instantly identifiable.

They tend to be somewhat shorter than humans, especially the Dylvana. The cause of this is unknown, particularly as no Dylvana are born into the culture. Their heights range from approximately four-and-a-half-feet tall to approximately six feet.

Elves cannot procreate on Mithgar, since it is not their home plane. The one exception to this is Bair, due to the Fiend blood of his half-human, quarter-mage, quarter-Fiend father Urus.

The most noticeable difference between Elves and other races is that Elves are immortal. Upon reaching their early twenties, an elf will stop aging forever and will always regard their lives as "just beginning." Because of this, the death of an elf is a very shocking, traumatic event.

Trivia Edit

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