A collective term for all creatures of Neddra, which were created by the evil god Gyphon. These creatures are regarded as being utterly evil, vile and perverse, with no interest in anything but destruction.

They have been a consistent danger on Mithgar, despite the inability of new Foul Folk to come from Neddra during most of Mithgarian history.

Another common nickname for them is "Spawn" or "Spaunen."

Rucks Edit

The smallest and least powerful of the Foul Folk.

Hloks Edit

Larger and more intelligent versions of the Rucks.

Ogrus Edit

The largest version of Rucks and Hloks. They are seemingly animalistic in their intelligence, and are nearly indestructible.

Ghuls Edit

Infantry resembling dead humans. They can only be killed by silver, beheading, fire or a stake through the heart.

Vulgs Edit

Wolf-like creatures with toxic saliva and claws.

Helsteeds Edit

The riding animals for Ghuls. They are similar in body shape to horses, but have cloven hooves, serpent tails and scales.