A Lian Elf who played an important part in the War of the Ban and the eventual War of the Dragonstone, despite having perished before either conflict was resolved. He was the son of Faeron and the then-Coron Eiron, the nephew of Gildor and Vanidor, and the grandson of Rael and Talarin.

He encountered Tipperton Thistledown and Beau Darby during the War of the Ban. He and a march-ward of other Elves rescued them and their companions Loric and Phais from a band of Hyrinians, and accompanied them for a time. Later he was sent to the Black Mountain to get the Silver Sword (later called the Dawn Sword) from the mages; Aravan accompanied him, since the two Elves were as close as brothers.

While there, Galarun received a terrible prophecy, namely that the first one to bear the weapon would die within a year; because of this, he flatly refused to let anyone else carry or touch the sword. After a brief skirmish with the enemy, Galarun was slain by a spear and a crossbow bolt, and the sword was stolen. His Death Rede revealed that he had been murdered by a mysterious yellow-eyed man.

His death had devastating consequences for his friends and family. Aravan vowed vengeance on his killer, and Galarun's parents later separated because of their loss. Five thousand years later, they were still deeply grief-stricken.

Trivia Edit

  • Galarun was unusually tall for an Elf.
  • He had dark hair and grey eyes.
  • Unlike most elves, Galarun had a taste for excitement. He found Adonar's peace and tranquillity to be dull, and therefore spent most of his time on Mithgar.