A male Elf of the Lian, son of Rael and Talarin and the twin brother of Vanidor. Gildor was born sometime in the First or Second Era, between the quest for the Dragonstone and the War of the Ban.

Gildor was seen briefly during the War of the Ban, when he brought news to his father of Modru's Horde. He later befriended Tipperton Thistledown and Beau Darby, and met them again during the course of the War.

His later feats were during the Winter War, when he was sent as a messenger to High King Aurion. Gildor believed he could do more good at Challerain Keep than in Rell, and remained at Aurion's side until the city was overthrown. He took the king's eyepatch so his body could not be identified by his enemies, and met Tuck Underbank and Galen in Arden Vale, under the protection of his mother Rael. He followed Galen through the ruined Dwarf city of Kraggen-Cor, where he nearly died after sensing the death of his brother.

Gildor accompanied the companions on the remainder of their battle against Modru, but he never recovered emotionally from Vanidor's death. Some years after the end of the Winter War, he and his family left for Adonar.

After the passages between planes were reopened, Gildor returned and joined Captain Arandor's company of Elven warriors, along with Loric, Phais, his father Talarin, Vanidar and many others.

Trivia Edit

  • Like his brother and father, Gildor had golden hair and green eyes.
  • He and Vanidor could easily be mistaken for one another, meaning that they were probably identical twins.
  • His name means Golden Branch.
  • During the Winter War, he rode a horse named Fleetfoot.
  • He carried two "special" weapons called Bane and Bale, which glow whenever something evil is nearby.
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