One of the gods, and distinctive for being the only known malevolent one (rather than benevolent or unaligned). Gyphon was ideologically opposed to Adon, believing that all creatures should be under his control. He ruled Neddra and populated it with the Foul Folk, which he used to attack Mithgar and Adonar.

His ultimate rebellion was during the War of the Ban, when the Foul Folk invaded both Mithgar and Adonar, and for a time it seemed that he would successfully conquer all three planes. However, a surprise loss in Mithgar caused him to lose the battle. Adon banished him the Abyss, but not before Gyphon swore that he would return and conquer everything.

His acolyte Modru, who served him during the War of the Ban, nearly succeeded in returning him to the world at the Winter War. He attempted a ritual to return Gyphon to Mithgar, but he was thwarted by Tuck Underbank. Gyphon returned to the void.

He briefly returned at the end of the Time of the Trine, but was finally slain by the Dawn Rider Bair.

Trivia Edit

  • The only known deity to wish to control sentient beings.
  • He is the only deity to rule a plane by himself, or have created so many different species.
  • After being banished, he nearly reenters the world twice, once during the Winter War and once at the end of the Time of the Trine.