The mages in Dennis L. McKiernan's Mithgar-series originate in Vadaria, one of the greater planes.

They mainly dwell on their own plane (which is where they can most effectively regain their power), in the Black Mountain in Xian and on the isle of Rwn (before it's destruction). There are several kinds of mages, for example seers. Evil mages are known to enhance their own powers with the pain of victims that they torture and kill.

After Rwn's destruction the mages on Mithgar were trapped, since the only known in-between . They withdrew into the Black Mountain, where they wanted to <rest> until the Time of the Trine would come. Thus, mages were rarely seen on Mithgar for millennia, although they would become involved when large enough crises arose, such as the War of the Ban.

Upon Aravan and Bair's discovery of another entry to Vadaria, this one located in Neddra, and the severing of the blood-based restrictions on plane travel, Mages were once more able to visit Mithgar.