Dara Rael is a Lian seeress who appears in the Mithgar saga from its beginning to its end, although she is absent through several books. She is described as being one of only two known seers, the other being Arin the flameseer, and she is the only one who is capable of seeing visions in a crystal.

First Era Edit

Rael and her trothmate Talarin first appear at their betrothal banquet, which is interrupted by the Dylvana and news of the Felling of the Nine. Though the Elves are called to war because of these events, Rael does not participate herself.

Sometime between the First and Fourth Eras, Rael gave birth to three children on Adonar: a daughter and twin sons, named Gildor Goldbranch and Vanidor Silverbranch. She also became the aunt by marriage of Riatha and her brother Talar.

Fourth Era Edit

Talarin and Rael played a pivotal part in the Winter War, during which their elf settlement was visited by the High King Galen and the Warrow Thornwalker Tuck Underbank. Rael offered shelter and rest to the weary Man and Warrow, and also helped care for Galen's feverish younger brother Igon until he was well enough to travel. She and Talarin also sent Lian warriors to investigate Modru's fortress.

At the war's end, Rael attempted to heal Tuck's badly damaged eyes, but they were beyond her power. Unfortunately during their quest, Vanidor was cruelly slain by the evil Modru, which sent a terrible shock through all members of his family. Rael left Mithgar for Adonar with no possibility of return for many centuries, although this was nullified by the lifting of the Ban.