An expanded text centered on Tuck Underbank's diary. It contains the complete text of Tuck's experiences during the Winter War, which he transcribed regularly.

The book was further expanded when Tuck's daughter Raven Greylock and her husband Willen took the diary to the Cliffs, where they and several scriveners added further material to make it a more complete history of the War. The original book remained at the Cliffs after that, but some copies were made for other members of the family. One of them was placed at the Root.

By the time of Peregrin Fairhill, the book had been vastly expanded with supplemental material and a large amount of annotation. However, the original text was unedited, with even errors and deletions faithfully preserved and reproduced.

Its alternate subtitle is Sir Tuckerby Underbank's Unfinished Diary and His Accounting of the Winter War.