Raven Greylock was a Warrow female who was born in the years after the Winter War. She was the only child of the war hero Tuckerby Underbank and his wife Merrilee.

As an adult, Raven married Willen Greylock. The two of them devoted a great deal of time to the Raven Book, which was a history of the War that included Tuck's own diary entries. The original text was brought to the Cliffs for safe-keeping, where it remained. A large amount of supplemental material was eventually added to the original text, based on other historical information, and in order to further expand on Tuck's own experiences.

Her descendants and relatives include the Underbanks, Fletchers, Greylocks and Fairhills. One noteworthy family member is Peregrin Fairhill, a historian who helped in the reclamation of Kraggen-Cor.

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