Shadows of Doom

Shadows of Doom is the first book in The Iron Tower trilogy, written by Dennis L. McKiernan.


Shadows of Doom opens with an extended description of Laurelin's capture by Modru's forces. She is alternately treated well and brutally, being carefully bathed and then tossed into a dungeon with a disgusting monster outside. She also witnesses the torture and murder of an Elf named Vanidor, who is Gildor's twin brother.

Tuck and Galen make the reluctant decision to go rally their allies instead of rescuing Laurelin, and Gildor comes with them. They also recruit a dwarf named Brega, the last of a dwarf brigade who slaughtered and were slaughtered by the Foul Folk. He leads them to the ancient dwarf mine of Kraggen-Cor, where they are almost killed by a monstrous tentacled creature, especially since Gildor collapses when he senses Vanidor's death.

They carefully make their way through Kraggen-Cor, but are confronted by a Gargon at the far end, who petrifies them with fear. Tuck distracts it by stabbing the back of its leg, allowing the others to finish it off and escape. On the other side, they encounter yet more elves, who give them replacement weaponry.

Meanwhile, Danner and Patrel return to the Boskydells, which they find in ruins, and with several dead. With Merrilee's help, they destroy the invading Ghuls and reclaim their homeland. However, they have not managed to reclaim Mithgar from Modru, nor have they succeeded in rescuing Laurelin.

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