Not to be confused with Vanidar, former Coron.

A male Elf of the Lian, son of Rael and Talarin and the twin brother of Gildor. Vanidor was born sometime in the First or Second Era, between the quest for the Dragonstone and the War of the Ban.

He was briefly seen leading a group of Lian Guardians, who apprehended Tipperton Thistletown and Beau Darby. After resupplying the Warrows and giving them a guide to Arden Vale, Vanidor continued on his rounds. He later returned to Arden Vale to confer with his parents, and fought in the War.

During the Winter War, he was sent on a covert mission against Modru. However, he was captured and tortured by the mage, until he was brutally murdered. The shock of his death caused his twin brother Gildor to collapse; later, Gildor and his family left Mithgar because of their grief.

Trivia Edit

  • Like his brother and father, Vanidor had golden hair and green eyes.
  • He and Gildor could easily be mistaken for one another, meaning that they were probably identical twins.
  • His name means Silver Branch.
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