The Waerlinga are a small folk, adults ranging in height from 3 to 4 feet. Their ears and eyes whisper at a resemblence to elves, with pointed ears and tilted eyes. However, many times has it been said that the wee ones have been blessed with the Utruni-Stone Giants-vision. Like the Utruni, Warrow eyes are bright and jewel colored, coming in 3 colors-amber like gold, the deep blue of a sapphire, or emerald green. Warrows dress in clothing that tends to blend into the background, wearing colors such as greys, greens, and browns. The shoes and boots they wear are so quiet that coupled with their natural Waerlinga stealth, they are nigh impossible to detect even to Elven senses if the Warrow does not wish to be found. One feature of Warrows is their distinctive age-name celebrations. Children male and female up until the age of 10 are called "younglings." From 10 to 20, males are called "striplings" and females are called "maidens." From 20 to 30, males and females respectively are called "young buccen" and "young dammen." Age 30 is when Warrows come of age and until age 60 are then called "buccen" and "dammen." Past age 60, those names are changed to "eld buccen" and "eld dammen" and beyond the age of 85 are "granthers" and "granddams." The Waerlinga are very much a social group within their Kind. They often come together just to pass the day sewing, planting, building, picnicking, or just general social time. There are 4 strains of Warrows: the Siven, the Othen, the Quiren, and the Paren, each dwelling respectively in burrows, fen stilt-houses, tree flets, and stone field-houses. The Warrows call the Boskydells and Weiunwood their homelands. The Boskydells is the larger of the two dwelling places, and it is protected from Outsiders by a barrier of thorns-the Spindlethorn Barrier. There are but a few paths through the 'Thorn, and all of these are diligently guarded by the Warrows.

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